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2016; Volume 4 ( Issue 1)

Sl. Paper ID Title / Authors Page Nos. Abstract Download
1 A16403 Experimental and Computational Analysis of 7-Isopropoxy-3-phenyl-4H-1-benzopyran-4-one C. N. Dipunadas ,V. Bena Jothya, I. Hubert Joe 01-07 Download Download
2 A16404 Investigations on Growth, structural, mechanical and conductivity Measurements of Nitric acid (HNO3) doped Triglycine Phosphate (TGP) Single Crystals for NLO applications M. R. Meeraa, S. L. Rayarc, V. BenaJothy 08-17 Download Download
3 B16404 SOCIO - CHEMICAL ASPECTS OF EPILEPSY Dr. D. K. Awasthi, Dr Gyanendra Awasthi 18-24 Download Download
4 C16401 Consumer attitude-New Trends and Direction in PLB with Comparison with National Brand Prof. Bhavika. A. Thakkar, Dr. Anjali Panigrahi 25-34 Download Download
5 C16402 Business Marketing Environment and Dynamics Afreen Bhumgara, Irfan Sayyed 35-54 Download Download
6 C16403 Women Entrepreneurship in India: Important for Economic Growth Neera Pal 55-64 Download Download

2016; Volume 3 (Issue 2)

Sl. Paper ID Title / Authors Page Nos. Abstract Download
1 A16307 Repeated Categorical Response Data Analysis to see The Effect of a new drug "Saheli" on Breast Cancer By Shivani Jaiswal, Shivam Jaiswal & Atul Kumar 136-145 Download Download
2 A16308 Lattice Boltzmann Method for PAKKA-Model Structures in Fluid Flow Motion By Dr. Mohammad Miyan 146-152 Download Download
3 C16310 SEBI: A DIRECTIVE HAND FOR CAPITAL MARKETS By Vivek Kumar Tiwari 153-159 Download Download

2015; Volume1 (Issue1)

Sl. Paper ID Title / Authors Page Nos. Download
1. A15101 Tools for Any Production to Control Quality of Product by Dr. S. Qaim Akbar 01-06 Download
2. A15102 Multi-Microcontroller Communication using Control Industrial Application by Surendra Kumar Daiya, Anila Dhingra, Sourabh Jain, Manmohan Singh Chandoliya 07-10 Download
3. A15103 Accessing the Performance Measure in an Organization through Additive Weibull Distribution by Dr. P. Gajivaradhan & R. Ashok Kumar 11-19 Download
4. B15101 Erythrocytes as Drug Delivery System: A Boon to Cure by Toshika Jain, Rohit Adhav, Priyanka Vaswani 21-26 Download
5. B15102 Comparative Studies of the Efficiency of Sun Drying and Hot Air Oven in the Preservation of Pepper and Onion by OJO, R. O. et al. 27-32 Download
6. B15103 Isolation, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Crude and Purified Saponin Extract from Seeds of Soyabean (Glycine Max) by T. Kumaran and T. Citarasu 33-36 Download
7. B15104 Effect of Sowing Date and Nutrient Management Practices on Growth,Yield and Nutrient Uptake in Castor ( Ricinus Communis L.) by Tiryak Kumar Samant 37-42 Download
8. B15105 Electrochemical Determination of Uric Acid in Human Urine Using Nickel Hexa-Cyano Ferrate Modified Carbon Paste Electrode by Kedija Ali, Tadele Hunde, Mekonen Tirfu, Rishi Pal & R. C. Saini 43-60 Download
9. B15106 Computational Studies and Multivariate Analysis of Global and Local Reactivity Descriptors of Five Membered Heterocycles Molecules by Density Functional Theory (DFT) by N. Surendra Babu et al. 61-70 Download
10. B15107 Clotting Factors and Antithrombotic Factors in Selected Epithelial Malignancies by Dr. Mohd. Yusuf 71-74 Download
11. C15101 Private Enterprise Development among Scheduled Castes in India: A Comparative Study of Ownership, Productivity and Policy Implications by Robin Verma 75-82 Download
12. C15102 A Comparative Narrative of the Land Acquisitions and Enclosures by Dr. Mohammad Israr Khan 83-90 Download
13. C15103 A Study on the Awareness Level and Attitude Level of the Green Consumer by Ekta Rastogi 91-96 Download
14. C15104 Conventional Marketing v/s Green Marketing: Myth and Reality by Dr. M. S. Khan et al. 97-104 Download
15. C15105 Globalisation and Poverty: Human Insecurity of Schedule Caste in India by Rajani Kant Pandey 105-110 Download
16. C15106 A Study on Financial Performance Analysis at Neycer India Ltd., Vadalur by Dr. C. Balaji 111-114 Download
17. D15101 Professional Counseling in Industries and Human Resource Development by Dr. Kumudini Achchi 115-120 Download
18. D15102 Post Method Pedagogy of Secondary Education in Bangladesh:An Insinuation by Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan 121-126 Download
19. D15103 Positions of Dalits in Indian Social System by Dr. M. M. Abu Tayyab 127-146 Download
20. D15104 Inclusive Education in Himachal Pradesh: A New Light of Hope to Streamline Children with Special Needs (CWSN) by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar 147-160 Download
21. D15105 Natural Resource and Landuse Development of Barpeta District, Assam by Merry Choudhury 161-168 Download
22. D15106 Attitude of Teachers Trainees towards ICT Teaching by Dr. Mohit Dixit 169-174 Download

2016; Volume1 (Issue1)

Sl. Paper ID Title / Authors Page Nos. Download
1. A16101 Electrical Characterization of Dielectric Barrier Discharge by Dr. Raju Bhai Tyata et al. 01-08 Download
2. A16103 Analysis of Multiphase Flow under the Ground Water by Pramod Kumar Pant 09-17 Download
3. A16104 Propagation of Characteristic Wave Front through a Two Phase Mixture of Gas and Dust Particles by Dr. M. K. Shukla 18-30 Download
4. A16105 The Two Phase Flow Motions and their P. D. F. Representations by Dr. Mohammad Miyan 31-39 Download
5. B16101 Anthropometric changes in diabetic steatohepatitic patients treated pharmacologically versus dietetically by S. I. Shalaby et al. 40-51 Download
6. B16102 Study of Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons “Case Study in Lucknow City (India)” by Richa Khare et al. 52-56 Download
7. C16103 Mathematical Analysis on the Role of S. B. I. in Indian Economy by Dr. Shujat Husain et al. 57-69 Download
8. C16104 Foreign Direct Investment: A Significant Driver to India’s Growth Story by Ms. Pratima Singh 70-80 Download
9. D16103 A Comparative Study of Job Satisfaction and Attitude towards Education among Male and Female Teachers of Degree Colleges by Dr. Sujit Bordhan 81-86 Download
10. D16106 Deconstructing Homophobia: A Critique on the Peripheral Sexuality as Represented in Mahesh Dattani’s; On a Muggy Night in Mumbai by Ms. Debalina Sengupta et al. 87-90 Download
11. D16107 Back to Nature: A Retrospective Study of Vihang A. Naik by Goutam Karmakar et al. 91-95 Download
12. D16108 The Neoliberal Globalization and Indian Village: Changing Terms of Discourse on Women’s Land Rights by Pradeep Sharma et al. 96-100 Download

2016; Volume1 (Issue2)

Sl. Paper ID Title / Authors Page Nos. Abstract Download
13. A16106 Semi-simple Intuitionistic Fuzzy G – Modules By P. K. Sharma 101-108 Download Download
14. A16107 Load Capacity for Fitted Bearings of Hydrodynamic Lubrication under Low and High Rotation Number By Dr. Mohammad Miyan 109-118 Download Download
15. B16103 Adsorption Potentials of Fadama Clays towards Heavy Metals (Zinc and Cobalt) By OTOBO, G. and OKPAKO, A. C. 119-128 Download Download
16. B16104 Towards Poverty Alleviation:-Women Empowerment through Participation in Agricultural Development. A Case Study of Nyangavi Ward 5 in Guruve District of Mashonaland Central Province By Shillah Rugonye & Abigail Mandizha 129-145 Download Download
17. B16105 Desertification in the World By Awasthi, D. K. & Awasthi Gyanendra 146-150 Download Download
18. B16106 Coffee –Chemical Composition and Potential Impact on Health By Dr. Archana Maurya 151-156 Download Download
19. C16101 Analysis of Indian Economy: Before and After Independence By Dr. Meesam Mubarak 157-164 Download Download
20. C16107 A Study to Determine the Implications of Budget Consultations on Service Delivery (2000-2014): A Case of Marondera Urban’s Selected Suburbs By Rugonye Shillah & Nyenya Trust 165-181 Download Download
21. C16108 Need for Efficient Management of Infrastructural, Social Services, Governmental, Environmental and NGO Sectors By Prof. Arif A Waqif 182-189 Download Download
22. C16109 Mathematical Analysis on the NPAs of State Bank of India By Dr. Mohammad Miyan 190-196 Download Download
23. C16110 Promoting Leadership through Human Happiness By Dr. Tarkeshwar Pandey 197-204 Download Download
24. D16109 Efficacy of the Multi-Sectoral Approach in Dealing with Road Carnage in Marondera Urban District By Rugonye Shillah & Nyenya Trust 205-219 Download Download
25. D16110 Motivation for Reading English as a Second Language (ESL) through the Use of WhatsApp among Graduate Students of Government College Township, Lahore (Pakistan) By Tahir Jahan Khan 220-231 Download Download
26. D16111 The Role of Persian Language before Independence in India By Dr. Mirza Mohd Ejaz Abbas 232-235 Download Download

2016; Volume2 (Issue1)

Sl. Paper ID Title / Authors Page Nos. Abstract Download
1. A16202 The Application of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam as Pattern Material in Sand Casting of a Logo by Bam, S. A., Akaaza, J. N. & Iorstsor, A. 01-03 Download Download
2. A16203 Relationship Between Filters by Priyanka Singh, Amitabh Banerjee & Purushotam Jha 04-10 Download Download
3. A16208 Direct product of doubt intuitionistic fuzzy H-ideals in BCK/BCI-algebras by Tripti Bej and Madhumangal Pal 11-21 Download Download
4. A16209 Differential Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy Analysis of Fluids in Porous Media by Dr. Mohammad Miyan 22-30 Download Download
5. B16202 “Modulize” the practicing and experiment in the curriculum of biology: To enhance the effectiveness in training the habit and skill of self-study for biological students in Vietnam by Mai Van Hung 31-34 Download Download
6. D16202 The Expatriate experience of Struggle for Identity in South African Drama: Fugard’s Sizwe Bansi is Dead, Andrew Whaley’s The Rise and Shine of Comrade Fiasco- A comparative study by Dr. Venkateswarlu Yesapogu 35-42 Download Download
7. D16203 Personality amongst Children of Employed and Unemployed Mothers by Madhavi Srivastava 43-48 Download Download
8. D16204 The Role of the Teacher or Knowledgeable Peer in Language Learning: Visual Scaffolding-An Indefatigable Narrative Case Study by Dr. Venkateswarlu Yesapogu 49-53 Download Download
9. D16205 SOCIAL EXCLSUION AND ITS REPERCUSSION TO RELIGIOUS MINORITIES by Dr. Kasi Reddy Nagendra Reddy 54-63 Download Download
10. D16206 Use of Skywalks in Mumbai City byDr Jehangir Bharucha 64-69 Download Download
11. D16207 The Importance of Learning Vocabulary in L2 Indian English Text Books-A Case Study by Dr. Venkateswarlu Yesapogu 70-80 Download Download

2016; Volume 3 (Issue 1)

Sl. Paper ID Title / Authors Page Nos. Abstract Download
1. A16301 Translate of Intuitionistic M-Fuzzy Group By P.K. Sharma and Manpreet Kaur 01-10 Download Download
2. A16304 Role of Plasma in Disposing the Plastic By Dr. Smriti, Dr. Richa and Dr. A. Kulshrestha 11-17 Download Download
3. A16305 Limit Behavior of the Expected Esscher Transform By Vitaliy Drozdenko 18-27 Download Download
4. A16306 The Fluid Flow Motion through Porous Media for Slightly Compressible Materials By Dr. Mohammad Miyan 28-35 Download Download
5. B16301 Microbial Contamination in Food Samples of Dehradun City By Gyanendra Awasthi et al. 36-45 Download Download
6. B16302 THE ROLE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN BIODIVERSITY IN EGYPT By S. I. Shalaby and D. K. Awasthi 46-51 Download Download
7. B16303 Renewable Energy Sources: A Solution of Power Crisis By Dr. Niranjani Chaurasia 52-57 Download Download
8. B16304 Isolation of novel heptasaccharide from oligosaccharide fraction of Chauri milk By Narendra Mani Tripathi, Dr. Desh deepak 58-64 Download Download
9. C16301 SHIFTING OF ECONOMIC POWER TOWARDS THE ASEAN ECONOMIES By Dr. Tarkeshwar Pandey 65-75 Download Download
10. C16303 WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT-AN OVERVIEW Dr. Sreemoyee Guha Roy 76-82 Download Download
11. C16304 BOYCOTT INTELLIGENCE AND THE CONSUMERS OF INDIA By Mr Rajnish Shankhdhar and Dr. Pragyan Dangwal 83-88 Download Download
14. C16307 India’s social protection system: Issues and challenges By Dr. Neeta Srivastava 102-111 Download Download
15. C16308 E–Commerce as Key Factor for Tourism Development in India By Jay Prakash Kant 112-117 Download Download
16. C16309 INDO-JAPANESE IMPORT-EXPORT STRUCTURE DURING THE PERIOD 1983-1996 By Dr. Nafees Hashim Rizvi 118-132 Download Download
17. D16301 Ghulam Ali Azad Belgirami and his Tazkira “Khazana-e-Amirah” By Dr.Mirza Mohd Ejaz Abbas 133-135 Download Download